The H2 is fitted with towing hitches front and rear, which are ideal for mounting a winch. The "factory" winch for the H2 is the Warn XD9000i winch mounted in a Warn Multi Mount. This allows the winch to be used at either the front or the rear, provided both are cabled. The XD9500ti will also work just as well in a Multi Mount, and offers some more advanced features.

The XD9000i comes with the wiring kit to connect the winch to the front of the vehicle, an additional wiring kit is required for the rear. The connections should be made directly to the battery for both front and rear and an optional solenoid can be used to disconnect power to winch connectors power when not in use.

I ran the rear cable through the vehicle frame for added protection and used a Radio Shack switch mounted in the space below the rear wiper controls to control the solenoid, which controls both front and rear connectors.

Warn only recommend the use of steel cable at this time due to the heat produced, all planetary gear winches will produce heat, particularly when spooling out under load. But several synthetic cables are available that will work fine with the winch. Somesynthetic cables, such as the Master Pull lines, come with a heat shield that goes over the cable that is next to the drum. However, I have used X-Line with the 9000i on many occasions with no noticeable degradation of the cable. I also found the staff at Off Road Only, the makes of X-Line, to be very knowledgable and helpful.

A Pull Pal makes a great accessory for any winch, especially if you are going to be off road in wide open areas, such as sand etc. The Pull Pal works like an anchor and gives the winch something to pull against. It is very effective in firm mud/soil surfaces, but less effective in sand, although provided you don't dig yourself in too deep, it will provide enough grip to get you moving again.

Other winch accessories you should carry to go along with your winch are; good leather gloves, tree saver strap, chain (for using around rocks), a good fairlead, and of course a snatch block.

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Winch on vehicle

X-Line Cable & Fairlead


Solenoid switch

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