Under Body Lighting

Having plenty of lamps on brush guards, roof racks, etc, is obviously a great asset when venturing off-road at night. However, they offer little help when tackling challenging obstacles in the dark, lighting up the area in front of, or around, the vehicle, but not where you need it most, underneath the vehicle.

The Solution
A pair of driving lamps mounted under the vehicle will provide light where you need it and will not dazzle a spotter. "Cheap" lamps are recommended, so if they should ever get damaged, it is more affordable to replace them.

In order to avoid potentially damaging the lamps when off-road, the lamps have to be mounted as high up as possible. In this case, both lamps were mounted on the attachment points for the factory air compressor bracket, (which is not installed on this vehicle), other suitable mounting points would not be difficult to find. Two L shaped brackets were fabricated and used to allow for easy mounting of the lamps. One lamp was aimed backwards and one forwards. Wiring was run to the engine bay, making sure no wires would be exposed to any potential damage, attached to a relay fed from the battery and controlled from a switch in the cabin. The switch was fed from the SEO ACCY fuse.

The rear facing lamp creates a good amount of light at the rear of the vehicle and is high enough up, not to dazzle a spotter in most circumstances. The forward facing lamp casts a few shadows, but with careful aiming provides good illumination under the vehicle and around the front wheels.

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