There are several tire options available for a lifted H2 and choosing the tires goes hand in hand with choosing the rims, they need to be able to work with each other. For a good compromise between an off-road tire and a tire for the highway, the Toyo Open Country MT's were chosen in a 38x15.50x18 size. The tires sit on American Eagle 064 18x10 (4.5" backspacing) rims.

The Open Country MT's have an aggressive tread pattern for off-road use, yet still retain a very smooth and quiet ride on the highway. The sidewall lugs provide extra traction for climbing rocks and digging through mud, as well as help protect the sidewalls. Weight for balancing the tires ranged from 1.25 oz to 3.5 oz, which is excellent for such a large heavy tire. The tires are 106 lbs each and the rims weigh in at 42 lbs a piece, this makes for a for a very heavy wheel at over 150 lbs when aired up.

A 38" tire obviously effects the speedometer reading, low end torque and performance, but is still acceptable without re-gearing, especially when a programmer is used, see Superchips Max MicroTuner article.

1. Sand - Due to the large footprint I expected these tires to do well in sand. Even without airing down, the difference is noticeable and they help the vehicle "float" on the sand. At speed in loose sand they actually "float" a little too much and the vehicle wanders a little, but nothing to be concerned about.

2. Mud - The tires perform very well in mud and the extra flotation helps stop the H2 getting stuck. The aggressive side lugs also help keep the vehicle moving.

3. Rocks - I wasn't sure to what to expect from these tires on rock, but was pleasantly surprised to find they grip exceptional well. Aired down to 20 psi they mould around the rock very well and rarely lose their footing.

4. Highway - Exceptionally quiet and smooth on the highway, barely louder than the stock H2 tires. They give a very smooth ride, with only a small amount of wandering, something I expected more of from such a wide tire.

5. Appearance - As with most MT or aggressive tire designs, these tires look right at home on the H2. They are large, but with a 6" lift they look very well proportioned.

6. Vehicle Performance - Without either re-gearing or using a programmer, a tire this large will have enough of a negative impact on performance to be annoying. A Superchips programmer sorted this out and performance is now acceptable.

7. Fit - All other tires I've ran, BFG AT's, Procomp Xterrains, SSR's, have rubbed on the sway bar and the latter also on the frame. Despite the massive width and due to the lift and 4.5" backspacing, the Open Country MT's do not rub at all on the sway bar or frame. When articulated they do rub slightly on the inner fender wells at the front, but only marginally. The tires do protrude out beyond the fender flares by some way, and some E&G Classics Wide Fender Flares help reduce the amount of debris thrown up by the tires.

Overall, these tires perform exceptional well on the highway and show great promise for off road use. A good all around tire, with plenty of performance ability.

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