If you haven't seen it happen, you've surely heard about H2's breaking tie rods. The GM IFS front end is not known for it's strength and one of the weakest points are the tie rods. Should you lose traction at the front and suddenly get it back, then you risk breaking a tie rod. Likewise, if the front end starts bouncing on rock, it won't take long to snap a tie rod.

If you run oversize tires the risk of breaking a tie rod increases. Sure you can do a field repair, if you carry a spare tie rod (preferbaly both inner & outer) and the necessary tools, but it is a whole lot easier not to have to. Fabtech have stepped forward to solve this problem with their Fabtech Steering Kit [FTS71000]. The kit includes heavy duty Pitman/idler arms, another wear point on the H2, a Fabtech steering stabilizer and heavy duty tie rods.

The heavy duty Pitman/idler arms are re-buildable and substantially larger and stronger than the stock components. The steering stabilizer helps give a positive feel to the vehicle. The massive tie rods are a significant improvement over stock and a good investment for anyone that goes off road.

Installation of the complete kit was quickly performed by a professional installer. An alignment is obviously needed after the kit is installed.

Steering is initially more sensitive with the kit installed, and over correcting is easily done until you get used to the new steering feel. Fabtech state some loss of turning radius may also be encountered after installing their kit, but none was noticed. Fabtech also state that the kit is for lifted vehicles, but as all these parts are stock on lifted vehicles, there is no reason why they will not work fine on a non-lifted H2. In fact several people already have installed them on stock height H2's with no issues.

Whether you spend a lot of time off road, just a little, or run oversize tires, this kit is well worth considering. The substantial tie rods may well save you the trouble of doing a field tie rod swap or even worse, getting a ride home on a flat bed.

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