I've seen several sets of the aluminum U-steps with paint flaking off them, mine were no exception and more paint was coming off them every time I washed my truck. So I decided to paint them with Dupli-Color Aerosol Spray-On Truck Bed Coating.

I wire brushed all the loose paint off, scuffed the surface with some 200 grit paper, and cleaned them with TSP, then set about painting them. I found the best way to apply to the coating was to spray on multiple thin coats rather than thick ones, I applied three coats to each side, and then a final coat sprayed from 12" to give them the textured finish. The last coat for the textured finished is best applied after the "base coat" has dried a little. The finish goes on quite thick, but follows the contours of the steps very well, producing a "factory" appearance.

They look great and the finish seems to be very tough. The finish is a close match to the rocker bars and the will hopefully stay on better than the factory finish. I liked the finish so much, that I treated my gas cover door to more of the same.

Click on the pics below for larger images;

Finished step

Close up of finish

Step on H2

Gas cover door

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