While driving off road you will at some point wish for a way to keep rocks, and other such potential body damaging objects, further away for your vehicle. You will also be happy to have something that will make sliding over rocks an easier experience.

A simple solution is to weld some 3/16" box section along the side of the stock rocker protection. This may not be as effective as having custom built rock sliders, but it is effective and does work.

The box section was angled at each end and open along the edge to be welded to the stock rocker protection. The stock rocker protection needs to be removed from the vehicle, which will require an air ratchet wrench and a 18mm socket. The fuel filter bracket also needs to be removed on the drivers side, which is held on with one bolt.

Once the new box section was welded on, the complete unit was finished in Duplicolor Truck Bedliner, with a very rough texture. This allows for a good grip as the added box section now makes for a good step. The factory U-steps or tube steps will no longer work very well with the added box section in place.

Some thought was given to covering the underside of the sliders with 1/4" steel plate. However, after seeing how effective they were without it, it was decided not to add the plate at this time. There will be times when having them plated underneath will no doubt help, but the general opinion was that they provided a good enough sliding surface without it.

The sliders also give a more solid surface for the use of a Hi-Lift jack. A jacking point was also created in the center of the slider.

The new sliders were tested at Katemcy Rocks and worked very well. They kept the vehicle a little further away from potentially damaging rocks, and more importantly, they also allowed for the vehicle to slide over rocks much easier. At several points, one side of the vehicle was only supported by a slider as it slid over a rock. Due to width of the sliders, there was no snagging on the supports underneath that would be experienced with the unmodified stock rocker protection. They took the weight of the vehicle very well and showed no deformation after holding the weight of the H2 several times. Should you slide off a rock sideways, the slider will also ensure the rock is kept away from the body panels.

As a simple DIY fabrication job, the sliders are a valuable asset in an off road arsenal and will allow for easier progress over rocks and help protect the vehicles vulnerable body work.

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