UPDATE : After six months the LightForce 140 reflectors started turning black and were losing their reflective surface. This was obviously of some concern to myself. However, and to their credit, LightForce agreed to replace the units. When I took them off, the reason for the problem became apparent, the plastic units had cracked at the threaded section and were letting in water. This could be due to a number of reasons, but I decided not to put them back on my vehicle. Instead I decided to try some PIAA 580's due to their excellent reputation.

After losing one of my factory off-road lights to a flying stone, I wanted to find some replacements that would not fall prey to the same fate. I'd heard some good things about LightForce lights and have been looking for an excuse to try some of their lights out. LightForce is an Australian company and their products are popular among four wheelers and truckers in Australia.

The lights look to be very well made and impressive in their construction. They are made out of polycarbonate with a shatterproof lens and come with a clear lens cover. This also means that they will not rust, something important to those of us that live on the coast. They feel very solid and tough.

They are bright, although the color temp is a bit on the yellow side, But they do illuminate very well and I really like the adjustable beam pattern feature. By simply rotating the lights, you can go from a pencil beam to a driving light. You need to order the optional wide angle filters to get the most out of these lights for off-road use.

They are vented via a rubber tube with a fliter on the end, which you mount as high as possible under the hood. This allows the lights to "breath", but without having to worry about water intrusion if you submerse them. A very simple, but clever idea.

They look good on the H2, although they do protrude a little from the front grille and look a little "odd" from the side. I understand the deep design is part of what makes them so effective but for a small light they are oddly proportioned.

I mounted them on the stock brackets, but needed to drill an additional 10mm hole about 12mm in front of the stock hole. The stock hole is covered up by the light mount. Unfortunately, the stock off-road light wiring is not up to dealing with the 75w each light draws and was very warm after a short period. So I completely re-wired them with heavier gauge wire. The lights don't come with a wiring kit.

I quickly tested them after installing them, and they are definitely bright and light up the road, but they are very "yellow". Changing the bulbs to something "whiter" is not easy as they are a propritary bulb and not available in any other options.

Click on the pics below for larger images;

HID Lo Beam

HID Hi Beam

Lightforce 140's
Pencil Beam

Lightforce 140's
Spot Beam

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