Lift Lips are designed for lifted trucks and serve two main purposes, first and foremost they help keep mud and water out of the engine compartment and other underbody areas, and they also get rid of the unsightly cables and hoses in the wheel wells.

They are made of pretty thick rubber, about 3mm thick, and come with all the fasteners required to install them. They are covered with white chalky stuff, which washes off, leaving a semi gloss black finish.

You have to drill 1/4" holes in your stock plastic wheel wells to install them. But they installed pretty easily. It took me 60 minutes from start to finish, and you could do them much quicker second time around. I had to cut some of the plastic fasteners down, as the area they attached too had sheet metal behind it. Otherwise, the install was straight forward.

They are a little too glossy and shiny for me, but after a mud bath or two this seems to fade down. So I'm guessing that they will pretty much match the stock wheel well after they have weathered a bit. I would have prefered a profile that followed the tire a bit closer, but that is only cosmetic.

The wheel wells do look better without all the exposed cables, hoses, and fittings showing. So do they work?

Yes, on Sunday I went through some mud and water, that would usually end up splattered all over the engine bay and other places. But there was hardly any with the Lift Lips.

However, when washing your truck, you do have to remember to lift them up and clean behind them, as a small amount of debris ended up behind them, and would have just sat there.

Do you need them? No, not really, but they are a practical add-on that serves a real purpose and they do improve the look of the wheel well area in my view. They only cost $50 and are available from They are not listed on their site, but they are part # H2003H2 and can be ordered using their online form.

Click on the pics below for larger images;

Lift Lips
Right Front - Before
Right Front - After
Left Rear - After

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