The Hilift jack was orginally carried in the Gobi rack, but this preented some issues when getting it up and down in the field. A simpler mounting system was needed and it was decided to mount the rack at the rear of the vehicle.

Materials Needed

  • 18" x 3" wide 3/16" or 1/4" flat bar
  • Two 5" x 1/2" stainless steel carriage bolts
  • Two 1/2" stainless steel nuts
  • Four 1/2" stainless steel spring washers
  • Four 1/2" stainless steel washers
  • Two 1/2" stainless steel wing nuts
  • Two rubber blocks from "cheap pickup bed tie down brackets

Step 1 - Cut the 3" wide 3/16" or 1/4" flat bar into two 9" long sections and file edges and corners smooth.

Step 2 - Remove one rear recovery d-ring and measure exact location of the center bolt that holds the bumper in place, in ealtion to the two holes for the d-ring bolts.

Step 3 - Place d-ring bracket over bottom section of flat bar, flush to bottom and sides, mark center of holes and drill 1/2" holes.

Step 4 - Mark and drill 3/8" hole for center bolt that hold bumper in place.

Step 5 - Repeat steps 3 & 4 for other section of flat bar.

Step 6 - Mount flat bar, one at a time, behind d-ring bracket and bumper bolt. Do not torque yet.

Step 7 - Double check that the distance between holes on the HiLift jack is 38". This is not excatly the same as center to center of the flat bar, so the holes need to be off center slightly. Measure and mark 38" on each piece of flat bar, 1.5" from the top of the flat bar, keeping the spacing from center the same on each piece of flat bar. Offer up the jack to make sure your mark lines up with the holes in the jack.

Step 8 - Remove flat bar sections, drill 1/2" holes were marked and square the corners of the holese slightly with a file, place the carriage bolts in the holses and using a spring washer and bolt tighten them securely. The carriage bolts should not be flush when loosely fit, only when tightened.

Step 9 - Paint the new HiLift mounts, but not the threads on the carriage bolts. Let dry.

Step 10 - Place a washer on carriage bolt, then thread the rubber blocks from the pickup tie downs on to the carriage bolts. They will be tight, but will fit fine.

Step 11 - Mount the new mounts as in step 8, tigthen bumper bolt fully, only hand tighten d-ring bolts at this point.

Step 12 - Place a washer on the carriage bolts, mount jack onto bolts, place a spring washer and wing nut on to secure in place.

Step 13 - Make sure jack can be removed and replaced freely and torque d-ring bolts.

Option: Before mounting brackets you can drill a small hole in the end of the carriage bolts for a small padlock or retaining clip. This is suggested in order to prevent the possibility of the wing nuts working lose and coming off. The back of the carriage bolts will be close to the bumper cover, but don't actually touch. Also, make sure nothing fouls the trunk door after mounting the jack.

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