I orginally had my grille guard driving lights triggered by the hi beam, although I now have them switched seperately. Here's the diagram of how to connect your grille guard lights so that will come on with hi beam.

The easiest way to have your grille gaurd or other aux lights triggered by hi beam is to install an additional relay. Connect up the power feed for it to the battery (fused of course), connect the ground to a suitable ground. You will find that the stock purple positive wire for the lights goes into front BEC (under the fuse box under the hood). You will need to remove the plastic shroud and disconnect this wire, then connect it to the switched side of the relay. Finally, splice into one of the wires for the hi beam and use that as the trigger for the relay and you are done. Sounds more difficult than it is.

Obviously, you need to ensure that you are legally able to do this in your State and you make any changes at your own risk, etc. If you are not competent enough or comfortable doing this by yourself, an auto electrician should be able to do it for very quickly.

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