Stock Tires
The stock BF Goodrich AT tires on the H2 are a very good all purpose tire. They perform very well on the highway and amazingly well off road for an AT tire. For 99% of H2 owners, these are the right tires for their vehicle.

Tire Alternatives
For the few that look for extra off road traction, better mud driving ability, or a small increase in clearance, there are many alternatives available.

Depending upon your requirements, something close to the stock size may be the solution. There are many 35x12.50x17 tires available that are only slightly larger than stock and will work fine on the stock rims. Depending on the tire, this will give you more off road traction or better mud driving ability.

If you are looking for something slightly larger than stock, again there are plenty of 37x12.50x17 options available that will fit on the stock rims. These will generally gain you about 1" in additional clearance, and slightly improve your approach/departure and break over angles.

Will they fit?
Just about any 35x12.50x17 or 37x12.50x17 will fit on the H2 stock rims okay, although a wider rim may be recommended for some tires. It should also be expected that a larger tire may well rub on the front sway bar or frame of the vehicle at full lock. Although the stock BFG AT tires may rub slightly on the front sway bar, many of the 35" or 37" tires will almost definitely rub to some degree.

Due to the backspacing of the stock rim, anything wider than a 12.50" tire may rub heavily. If you wish to go with a 13.50" wide tire, a rim with 4.25-4.50" backspacing is recommended

Advantages & Disadvantages
Larger diameter tires will buy you some additional clearance. On a Hummer H1 clearance isn't usually the weak link in off-road ability, but on the H2, clearance can be an issue when driving off-road. Wider tires increase your flotation and traction.

However, there are several disadvantages to going with a larger diameter tire size than stock;

  • You'll lose some low-end torque, as you will have effectively changed the gear ratio.
  • Your speedometer will read low.
  • Larger diameter tires are usually heavier, putting more stress on the drive line and suspension.
  • Wider tires may cause a little wandering on the highway and increase rolling resistance.
Which tire?
Once you have decided upon the size of tire you wish to use, you then need to decide upon which tire. This is very often a personal choice, based upon prior experience and the experiences of others with the tires in question. However, there are some general comments that can be made about suitable tires for the H2.

BFG MT - Excellent reputation as an off-road tire that is well mannered on the highway. Pretty good on most surfaces.

Procomp Xterrain - Starting to build a good reputation, good on the highway and not too noisy. Excellent traction on rock, not so good in the mud.

Baja Radial Claw - Mixed reviews on this tire. Too few on H2's to really make an assessment at this time.

Open Country MT - Good rock traction, great in mud and very well behaved on the highway.

Goodyear Wrangler MT/R - Excellent reputation as a very tough tire and good on the highway. Moderately good on most surfaces, not so great in mud.

Super Swamper SSR - Proven track record as an off-road tire. Equally at home on rocks and in mud. Wears quickly on the highway.

IROK - Relatively new tire based upon the proven Super Swamper. Great on rocks and in mud. Wears quickly on the highway.

Tire Specifications
The list below is not an exhaustive list of all tires suitable for the H2, but covers the most popular ones. Only tires suitable for a stock H2 with no lift and 17" rims have been included. Also, you can't judge a tire simply by the numbers alone; tread type, lug spacing, sidewall grip, sidewall strength, and rubber compound all contribute to the way a tire performs.

Tire Size Height Sectional
Width *
Max Load
BFG AT (Stock) 315/70R17 34.5" 12.0" 3195 lbs
BFG MT 35x12.50x17 34.8" 12.5" 3000 lbs
Procomp Xterrain 35x12.50x17 34.9" 12.6" 3000 lbs
Baja Claw Radial 35x12.50x17 35.0" 12.3" 3000 lbs
Open Country MT 35x12.50x17 35.0" 13.2" 3415 lbs
BFG MT 37x12.50x17 36.5" 12.5" 3525 lbs
Wrangler MT/R 37x12.50x17 36.7" 12.5" 4080 lbs
Super Swamper SSR 37x12.50x17 36.5" 13.1" 3640 lbs
IROK 37x12.50x17 36.9" 13.1" 3640 lbs
* The sectional width will vary depending on the rim width. Always make sure you are running the correct rim width for your tires.

There are plenty of alternative tires available for an H2 with stock rims, which one is personal choice based upon your driving requirements. If you add a lift kit to an H2 and use after market rims, the range of available tires opens up even more, with 38", 39" or even 40" tire sizes.

Which ever tire you go with, make sure they are installed correctly and that you rotate them on a regular basis. Always seek advice from a tire professional before using any tires different to the stock ones.

Finally, the use of a larger tire with a more aggressive tread will just look better on your H2 and make it look "right".

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Procomp Xterrain

Super Swamper SSR

Goodyear Wrangler MT/R


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