A rear carrier is a great way of getting the spare out of the trunk, but opening and closing it gets old after a while. Then the first time you have to pack to go camping or carry a lot of gear you suddenly find that you don't have as much trunk space as you thought. Ever try using the winch at the rear and find you can't close the tire carrier? There is a simple and effective solution to all these issues - a GOBI Roof Rack.

GOBI racks are available in a variety of configurations, with or without a tire carrier, for vehicles with sunroofs, for those without, with 2" brackets or 4.25" brackets, and even a low profile "Stealth" rack.

Rack Installation
Installing the rack itself is relatively easy and took about 90 minutes. Two people were required to lift it up there, although four would certainly be better and make for a easy job. Beware of the bolt at the base of the tire carrier, it can scratch the paint on the roof if you are not careful! Laying something over the roof while you place the rack up there would not be a bad idea.

Once it is bolted down tight, the spare tire went up, with a 37" SSR this is almost as difficult as getting the rack up! The adjustable tire carrier is very well made and will accommodate different size rims and tires, there is plenty of room for a 37" tire.

The rack itself is very well made and everything fitted as it should. The powder coating seems to be very well applied and should stand up to the rigors of Gulf coast weather well. All hardware is stainless steel and conveniently bagged for the different stages of installation.

GOBI recommend PIAA lights for the rack, either the regular crystal ion 520's or clear (white light) 520SMR's at the front and 60XT's for the rear. PIAA make exceptional quality lights and they are well suited to the GOBI product. I went with the slightly larger 580's at the front and 60XT's at the rear. Two 580 fog (flood) lights on the outside and two 580 driving lights on the inside generates a great amount of light up front in a very wide beam pattern, ideal for off road and trail use. The 580's fit fine, but due to the hole locations and front top bar of the rack they are slightly angled downwards, something that could be rectified by slightly enlarging the holes in the mount if desired. But for off road purposes they are fine the way they are, as you want plenty of light in the area in front of the vehicle and are not so interested in seeing far down the road.

Light Wiring
Installing all the lights takes less than 30 minutes, wiring them is not so quick. It took about 90 minutes to make a wiring harness for the front lights, the stock light connectors were all used, allowing easy removal of the lights if the need arises. The rack is already wired front to rear for the rear lights, so wiring for the rear lights was included in the harness that was made. The exterior wiring part of the wiring was completed in about a further 60 minutes, then another 90 minutes to set up all the relays and switches. The wiring took a total of fours, although if someone were inexperienced at light wiring it may take longer. Although the light wiring is time consuming, it is relatively simple.

I know wiring should be soldered, but I have had good results from the crimp connectors with built in shrink down tubing. Thee make for a weather proof seal and seem to hold up very well.

The H2 is not a small vehicle, so you obviously need a way of getting up to the rack, GOBI have the perfect solution, a tail gate mounted ladder. The ladder took less than 15 minutes to install, and again is rattle free and very solid. I did grind down one of the hex head bolts that holds the ladder to the bottom lip of the door. This now results in a flush fit and is much less likely to damage the rubber seal that it sits against when the tail gate is closed, although I suspect that the modification was unease.

The rack is totally rattle free and I can not discern any additional wind noise, I had the factory light bar previously. You can walk around on the rack and it is very solid.

Overall, a very impressive product that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. A definite plus for anyone wanting to get the spare out of the way or for anyone who carries a lot of gear around. The rack is extremely well made and lives up to the GOBI reputation of excellence. GOBI racks are available directly from GOBI, Hummer dealers and Trail Duty

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GOBI Ladder



Beginning of harness

Almost finished harness

Lights installed & wired

Lights on

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