If you've ever had a front wheel in the air while climbing a rock, you'll know that the Traction Control System helps a little, but often is not enough. You can use techniques like Brake Throttle Modulation, (BTM), which also deactivates TCS/TC2, but nothing works like a front locker in keeping both front wheels moving.

The H2 comes with an Eaton eLocker fitted in the rear differential, but there is no option for a front locker. Conveniently, Eaton make an eLocker suitable for the GM 9.25" front diff, Eaton Part # 19622-010 , this is an almost identical locker as fitted to the rear diff.

The eLocker was installed by the local 4WP store and I pre-wired it for them. The switch was mounted in the air ride switch location (as I don't have air ride). The switch is wired "hot", ie: it can be turned on at any time. The advantage to this is that it will not be automatically disengaged like the rear locker, the disadvantage is that it can be engaged at any time. I looked for a suitable switch source from the 4Lo and rear locker switches, but believe they are databus controlled as strange things happened when tapping off them. So it was decided to run the switch hot.

Under normal driving conditions you would not know the locker was there, it is just like driving with a stock front diff. However, for those times when you want to lock up the front, you simply hit the switch and the front wheels are locked solid. No more spinning wheels and a whole lot more power going to the wheel with traction.

The locker is usually only needed for short periods of time and then can be switched off. Driving with it engaged will severely limit steerability of the vehicle and unnecessarily stress the drive line.

Is a front locker needed to wheel your H2? No, and 95% of the time it would make little difference. However, there are times when a front locker will make climbing over terrain easier and with less, potentially damaging, wheel spin, and then there are those times that the front locker will let you get places that an unlocked vehicle simply can't.

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