If you venture off road, it is inevitable that you will end up with a scratch or two on your bumpers. While these "battle scars" may be appealing for a short while, something needs to be done about them at some point. Left alone they will eventually start to rust, although the galvanizing on the bumpers appears to be very well done and holds rust at bay very well.

Rather than attempt to get a factory smooth finish, there are other alternatives, such as bedliner. This makes for a good tough finish, that can be touched up and repaired.

Application is real simple and full instructions are included with the bedliner, in this case Duplicolor Truck Bedliner. The front bumper comes off very easily, the rear bumper can be painted on the truck, after removing the plastic trim and removing the trailer hookup screws and pulling it out about 1". make sure everything you don't wanted finished in bedliner is taped with masking tape.

The surface needs to be cut with either sand paper or a scuffing pad. It should be cleaned with at least TSP, washed down and be dry when the bedliner is applied. The bedliner goes tacky very quickly, so work in sections, if you roll over tacky bedliner, you will make the surface have a very rough texture. It takes a while to dry fully, so allow yourself plenty of time before re-assembling everything.

Depending on how you apply the bedliner, the final finish can vary from a smooth texture to very rough. The smoother textures make washing the bumpers a lot easier.

The bedliner finish is not for everyone, but if you are looking for a robust finish, then it may be worth considering.

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A few scratches...

Work in progress

Finished - Front

Finished - Rear

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