Fabtech Lift Control Arm Protection

If you take your Fabtech lifted H2 on to rocks, you will invariably end up damaging the front lower control arm brackets. This could lead to potential safety issues. The obvious "fix" is to reinforce these brackets. In no way are we recommending that anyone do this, as it will likely invalidate your Fabtech warranty, however the following article does present one potential solution for this problem.

The Solution
1/2" thick bar will afford some protection to the lower control arm, but obviously still not make it invincible. Rather than weld on to the Fabtech control arm arm mounts, it was decided to bolt the reinforcement in place. This allows for easy replacement as and when the reinforcement itself becomes damaged, and reduces the risk of damaging the control arm mount by repetitive welding.

Materials Needed

  • 12" x 3" wide 1/2" flat bar
  • Two 5" x 5/8" Grade 8 bolts
  • Two 5/8" Grade 8 nuts
  • Four 5/8" Grade 8 washers
  • Two 5" x 1/2" Grade 8 bolts
  • Two 1/2" Grade 8 nuts
  • Two 1/2" Grade 8 spring washers
  • Four 1/2" Grade 8 washers

Step 1 - Make a template out of cardboard of the area to be protected.

Step 2 - Cut two pieces of 1/2" bar to match template.

Step 3 - Measure existing location of existing 5/8" bolt, mark location on cut 1/2" bar allowing for 1/4" more overlap of the bar over the Fabtech lower control arm bracket.

Step 4 - Mark and drill 5/8" hole for control arm mounting bolt.

Step 5 - Repeat Steps 3 & 4 for other section of flat bar.

Step 6 - Drill 1/2" hole in center of top of bar, 1 1/2" from top.

Step 7 - Raise front of vehicle, support on jack stands and remove front wheels.

Step 8 - Remove existing 5/8" bolt from lower control arm mount, push a 5/8" bolt in from back as the existing bolt comes out, to retain lower control arm in correct position.

Step 9 - Place flat bar over mount hole and insert 5/8" x 5" bolt with a washer from the front, pushing out the bolt placed in from the rear in Step 8.

Step 10 - Place washer and nut on rear of new bolt and tighten, do not torque yet.

Step 11 - Repeat Step 10 for other control arm mount.

Step 12 - Replace wheels on vehicle, remove from jack stands and lower vehicle.

Step 13 - Correctly align 1/2" flat bar with control arm mount, and drill 1/2" hole through control arm mounting bracket, front and rear.

Step 14 - Torque lower control arm 5/8" bolt to Fabtech specs (105 ft/lbs), torque 1/2" bolts to 70 ft lbs.

Step 15 - Check bolts after 100 miles and every 500 miles.

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