If you are adding auxiliary lighting, a CB, or any other item requiring an ignition switched 12v source, there are several options available. One of the most commonly used is the SEO ACCY circuit, which according to the manual is "not used". This offers an easily accessible 12v ignition switched source.

The SEO ACCY fuse is located in the instrument panel fuse block. The fuse block access door is on the driver's side end of the instrument panel, simply pull off the cover to gain access.

There are several ways of taking a tap off a fuse, the best and safest method in my view is by using the add-a-circuit style. Littelfuse make such a product, the "Mini Add-A-Circuit", part # - FHM200BP or OFHM0200ZP. You simply remove the existing fuse and replace it with the Mini Add-A-Circuit, which offers two fuse sockets, one for the original circuit, and one for the new circuit.

If adding aux lights, or anything with a large current draw, the SEO ACCY circuit should only be used for switching to control relays.

The factory aux lights are not ignition switched. By connecting the + for the factory switch to the SEO ACCY they will now be ignition switched.


Littelfuse Mini Add-A-Circuit

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