Big Bend National Park Trip Itinerary-March 7-10, 2015.

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Big Bend National Park Trip Itinerary-March 7-10, 2015.

Postby B-HMMWV » Fri Jan 23, 2015 4:37 pm

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*******ITEM HAS BEEN UPDATED. SEE BOTTOM OF ITINERARY.**************************************************************************

3/7/15 (Saturday)

1:30pm-Arrive at Big Bend National Park gates. Top off your tanks at the nearest town before entering the park.
Park Address: 1 Panther Drive, Big Bend National Park, TX 79834
Park Phone Number: (432) 477-2251

2:00pm-Traverse Old Ore Road, and stop at the Rio Grande Overlook for pictures.

6:00pm-Arrive at Rio Grande Village Campsites. Set up bedding accommodations for the evening and meet for dinner and daily debrief. This campsite has a fuel station, quarter operated showers, a general store and campsites, flushing toilets, running water, picnic tables, grills, and some overhead shelters. There is also a dump station nearby. Our slots are site 20 in loop #2, and site 100 in loop #6. For those vehicles that cannot park on site, there is a parking lot near the campsites where we will leave the extra vehicles/trailers/campers overnight.

3/8/15 (Sunday)

9:00am-Be packed, fed and ready to go! Today, we will hit Black Gap Road, see the abandoned Marsical mine site, and time permitting, visit the Hot Springs, so bring a swim suit!

12:00pm-Self supplied lunch break, inspect vehicles. No meals will be paid for by the HXC.

1:00pm-Resume the adventure!

6:00pm-6:30pm-Arrive at the campsite for the night. Set up bedding accommodations for the evening and meet for dinner and daily debrief. Campsite locations for the second and third night will be determined upon arrival due to the large amount of fellow park goers during this busy season. Don't forget to inspect your rig and report any damage to the Trail Leader or chapter officer on site.

3/9/15 (Monday)

9:00am-Be packed, fed and ready to go! Today we will traverse the Grapevine Hill trail to see the spring, Paint Gap Hills trail, Old Maverick road, Castolon Historical District, Tuff Canyon Road, Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive (Including Burro Mesa Pouroff for pictures). Time permitting, we can stop and see the Chisos Basin as well.

9:30am-Purchase fuel at Panther Junction General Store and stop for souvenirs. Don't want to be running out of fuel!

10:00am-Resume the adventure!

12:00pm-Self supplied lunch break, inspect vehicles.

1:00pm-Resume the adventure!

6:30pm-7:00pm-Arrive at the campsite for the night. Set up bedding accommodations for the evening and meet for dinner and daily debrief. Don't forget to inspect your rig and report any damage to the Trail Leader or chapter officers on site.

3/10/15 (Tuesday)

10:00am-Be packed, fed and ready to go! Today we leave the park. On our way out, everyone needs to stop at Panther Junction General Store to buy fuel before vacating the park.

Entry Fee-$20/truck
Camping Fee-*Will be determined when the final number of people attending is confirmed. As of now, it is $28 for our stay at the Rio Grande Village campsites (Saturday), and $8/night per campsite for the primitive roadside campsites that we will likely be staying at for the remaining two nights (Sunday/Monday). For the primitive roadside campsites, a back country pass is required ($10/truck) for overnight use. I ask that everyone whom attends please contribute to defraying the costs of the campsites. I have already put down the money for the Rio Grande Village campsites.
Hot Springs-Free
Grapevine Spring-Free
Costolon Historical District-Free

Vehicle Equipment (Not required, but strongly recommended):
-Generic Socket Set
-Inner/Outer tie rods
-CV axle
-Spare fluids (engine, transmission, brake, power steering, coolant)
-Spare serpentine belt
-Spare battery
-Misc. screw drivers
-Tire patch kit
-Spare lumber (for traction if one was to get stuck)
-Hose patch kit
-Gasket maker
-Spare fuel can
-Air pump (Make sure your spare is aired up. This is a common item missed by even the most experienced off-roader.)

Required vehicle equipment (this is a must!):
-Fire extinguisher
-Tow strap/rope and shackles
-Leather or mechanic's gloves
-First aid kit
-FRS (walkie talkie)or CB radio.

Camping Equipment (recommended):

Sleeping Equipment Site Equipment
-Tent (size appropriate for the amount of people in your party -Fold-able chairs
-Sleeping bag(s) -Rope
-Tarp (place this under the tent in the event of rain) -Masking/Packing/Duct tape
-Tent stakes -Camping Lamp/Lantern
-Bedding (Air mattress, if applicable, should have sheets, a blanket and a comforter) -Misc. hardware
-Canopy? -Bug spray
-Sun screen
Kitchen Equipment -Toilet paper
-Matches -Tissues
-Tablecloth -Stinking candle (attracts bugs)
-Dish soap - Extension cord
-Trash bags -Power strip
-Small grill/stove -Binoculars
-Marshmallow forks -Salt & Pepper shakers
-Small hand broom -Hammer
-Cast iron pot/griddle (and lids) -Hand Axe
-Hot water pot
-Water jugs (one gallon per person per day)
-Plastic bowls
-Dishtowels/wash cloths
-Cutting knives

*For information about trail rules and the T.R.E.A.D. lightly off road principles, consult your member's packet. If you do not have one, or you are not a member of the Hummer X Club, contact me and I will inform you.

Side note: NO ANIMALS ARE ALLOWED!It is possible that we may be staying at a primitive campsite for our second and third night, and park policy states that no animals are to be kept at those sites. If you want Fluffy and Froo-Froo to stay in one piece (Mountain Lions, Bobcats and Black Bears would love a piece of them), please leave your beloved furry companion at home. I apologize for this inconvenience.

In the event there is not enough room to house everyone, we will split the group and stay at Stillwell ranch. It is about 20 miles from the park, and we will have ample room for those who wish to attend. Fees for the Stillwell campsite are $7/night per adult and $4/night for children. They do have showers, restrooms and sell gasoline at this campsite as well. I hope to see lots of Hummers there!

If you have any further questions about the trip, feel free to comment on this thread/PM me or contact me at one of the options below. Hope to hear from you soon!

Contact Information
David Porter, Chapter President, Big Bend Trail Leader
Keller, Texas
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OEM Upgrades:
-Roof Lamps (G/F/S/R)
-Grille/Tail Light Guards
-Roof Basket
-Hitch Cover
-Roof Rails/Handles
-Colored Grille
-LE Grab Handles

Aftermarket Upgrades:
-RP Pitman/Idler Arm/Tie Rods
-Cobra CB, Firestik Ant.
-Warn Light Mount/HW Bumper
-Daystar 2" Torsion Keys
-GOBI Ladder
-FW Truck Vault
-RD Full UCP
-PC Diff Guard
-Custom Tire Carrier
-OD Diff Bushings
-QA1 Panhard Bar
-Bilstein 5160s
-Hotchkis Trailing Arms
-Modified OEM Rock Rails
-Cognito Steering Braces
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Re: Big Bend National Park Trip Itinerary-March 7-10, 2015.

Postby Mark » Fri Jan 23, 2015 4:42 pm

Looks like this should be a great trip 8)
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Re: Big Bend National Park Trip Itinerary-March 7-10, 2015.

Postby nathan » Sun Feb 01, 2015 2:09 pm

I'll be there. Also likely to tack on the 11-14th at the more primitive state park.
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