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Moab Run - Fall 2005

This was not a Hummer X Club event, but an informal gathering of some H2 Source Forum members. Two HXC members made the trek from Texas to Moab, Utah, for a few days of excellent wheelin'.

We were only there three days and ran three trails;

1. Fins 'n Things - Very easy trail, but great fun, especially the last loop.

2. Hell's Revenge - A moderately easy trail, especially if the optional obstacles were not attempted. We had some problems entering Hell's Gate and never ran it, but several other H2's did without a problem. The Escalator, while intimidating to look at, is a pretty easy obstacle. The Squeeze at the end is also very easy, even for a vehicle the size of an H2.

3. Golden Spike - This was not an overly difficult trail, but it is long and was exceptionally enjoyable. It includes the first 3/4's of Poison Spider Mesa, which we completed in 40 minutes or so, and all of Gold Bar Rim, which is another easy trail. Obstacles like Golden Crack and Golden Stairs were relatively easy, but a great deal of fun. Body Snatcher lived up to it's name and left it's mark on our H2. Although another H2 made it through successfully. Nine H2's ran the complete trail, including most of the options like Skyline Drive, etc, in nine hours.

No trip to Moab is complete without venturing up Lion's Back. An easy obstacle, but also very intimidating. A few other small obstacles like Potato Sald Hill and Baby Lion's Back were also easily completed.

A great deal of fun was had by all and Moab is well worth the trip.

Images Courtesy of John, Seth & Phil
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