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Charouleau Gap, Arizona
February 9, 2008

We had a great turn out! - eight trucks total.

Our trip Leader was John Shotts. The Catalina Mountains were covered with snow. The water was running like through the washes from the 8.58" of rain just a few days earlier. We had snow, slush, ice, mud, deep and fast running water in the CDO Wash.

The water running through the creeks made the trail just a bit more difficult because You couldn't see large rocks hidden under the running water. The weather from the previous days made the trail Really difficult. There were numerous strap-outs, underside carnage, dinged body parts, and one blown out tire.

Trail rating today...3.5 with 4.0 at the Step. This trail took us 11-hours due to the difficulty caused by the weather.

Thank you everyone that showed up and thank all of you that helped with spotting.

252930779_VUuNh-M.jpg 252930937_ddddd-M.jpg 252931302_TmT5g-M.jpg 252935518_NNdjc-M.jpg 252936103_EvNhL-M.jpg 252937104_xLd6o-M.jpg
252941869_oAkU9-M.jpg 252945481_U3NFF-M.jpg 252946864_Bb9Gz-M.jpg 252953989_xcJp2-M.jpg 252955099_WMSz3-M.jpg 252957781_p9oL2-M.jpg
252960291_4AXbU-M.jpg 252962210_zrBxE-M.jpg 252964465_bZELr-M.jpg 252974483_ZNN7F-M.jpg 252975219_Pbmf8-M.jpg 252975884_rHoU7-M.jpg
252977577_8wFAs-M.jpg 252981001_nxwWB-M.jpg 252993777_vRfsr-M.jpg 252999328_4HTzs-M.jpg 253010451_C8iLv-M.jpg 253024470_taoGn-M.jpg
253029533_E3nF5-M.jpg 253030090_wLLHj-M.jpg 253031046_vptzX-M.jpg 253034362_6nP5x-M.jpg 253036296_ASxiG-M.jpg 253038477_fvVPt-M.jpg
253040928_m48v6-M.jpg 253041927_BNx2m-M.jpg 253047104_DpCJq-M.jpg 253056392_Qz5bT-M.jpg 253059216_jALVJ-M.jpg 253059674_ybero-M.jpg
253064834_nZdWZ-M.jpg 253065098_U9E6q-M.jpg 253080267_zzrwN-M.jpg 253080957_rrG9e-M.jpg 253084604_ifn3Q-M.jpg 253090031_Wyk7C-M.jpg
253097721_9kLFT-M.jpg 253104106_ik7Rr-M.jpg 253109651_vBvXx-M.jpg 253111479_QAkZv-M.jpg 253114016_AyyJK-M.jpg 253117270_WjVGn-M.jpg
253119759_GovTd-M.jpg 253123061_ejHE6-M.jpg 253128305_L5yBF-M.jpg 253131147_Ey2GF-M.jpg 253132692_RujA6-M.jpg 253134073_ahVP6-M.jpg
253135262_2QaXU-M.jpg 253135874_Bk43j-M.jpg 253136574_TeiFV-M.jpg 253137490_6cd2P-M.jpg    

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