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Anza Borrego
January 5-6, 2008

The HXC SoCal Chapter had a great, 10 rig turnout to our Anza Borrego camping trip on January 5-6, 2008. Even special guests, Jose D. and little brother Gabriel drove over from Arizona to join us on the trip. There was much anticipation from everyone who attended, even the bad weather wouldn't dampen our spirits. In fact, it made the trails that much more interesting and exciting.

We started the day off climbing through the Coyote Canyon rock gardens, and a deep water crossing due to the recent showers. We then ended the day setting up camp at Sheeps Canyon, a.k.a. The Garage. Everyone had a great time connecting over a camp fire with old friends, and getting to know new ones. It was then off to bed and up with the sun as we moved onto the dunes of Ocotillo Wells. It was an amazing trip with no breakage except for a tent pole due to the winds on Saturday night.

We would like to thank everyone who came out to the event. It was great seeing everyone again, and meeting the new additions to the club. This was an awesome beginning to another year of wheeling, friends, and HXC. See you on the trails.

240574456-M.jpg 240574581-M.jpg 240575023-M.jpg 240577839-M.jpg 240578903-M.jpg 240578986-M.jpg
240579025-M.jpg 240641123-M.jpg 240641954-M.jpg 240643132-M.jpg 240644859-M.jpg 240646716-M.jpg
240652098-M.jpg 240654207-M.jpg 240671020-M.jpg 240682505-M.jpg 240684775-M.jpg 240689569-M.jpg
240689822-M.jpg 240693004-M.jpg 240697933-M.jpg 240699090-M.jpg 240704047-M.jpg 240705411-M.jpg
240707437-M.jpg 240714169-M.jpg 240718189-M.jpg 240721518-M.jpg 240721735-M.jpg 240725990-M.jpg
240727394-M.jpg 240728249-M.jpg 240729170-M.jpg 240731153-M.jpg 240734436-M.jpg 240736276-M.jpg
240738690-M.jpg 240739824-M.jpg 240741190-M.jpg 240744953-M.jpg 240745847-M.jpg 240750907-M.jpg
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