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Long Ranch, Texas
March 17, 2007

Nine vehicles made it out to Long Ranch in Llano, Texas for an excellent day of wheelin'.

Although it did not rain, it was still wet from all rain earlier in the week and the rocks were a little slick.

Despite the mud, slick rocks, and occasional water in vehicles, a good time was had by all.

H2 Crawling

H3 Crawling
There was barely any trail damage, just the usual small dents and scratches for the most part, a somewhat bent H3 bumper, and a dent on the roof line of a H2.

We must have performed 40-50 recoveries during the day, utilizing straps, winches, and Hi-Lift jacks.

A few flooded streams livened the day up a couple of times, and the water made the rocks a little trickier than usual.

A big thanks to everyone that came out and helped keep the day running smoothly and took everything in their stride.

A special thanks to the "yellow shirts" for working hard all day.

Special thanks again to Joe Long for the use of Long Ranch, which is more fun each time we visit it.

Jeep Crawling
Images Courtesy of Dave, David, Brandon, Tiva & Phil
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