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Sedona, Arizona
March 10, 2007

This was the first inaugural run for the Arizona chapter. I want to thank everyone who drove out there for this event. We had a total of 13 trucks; 1 H1, 5 H2s, 4 H3s, 1 S10 and 2 FJs.

We all met up at Oak Creek Factory outlets parking lot around 09:00 AM and started out with the Broken Arrow trail, this trail is probably one of the most scenic trails in Sedona. The trail is narrow with a few tight spot for an H1 but not narrow enough to stop an H1 from continuing.

Our first stop was at Submarine Rock then we continued on to Chicken Point which has a great view of Sedonas red rock formations. We continued on and found a nice big area on top of a rock formation and stopped for lunch.

After lunch we drove around the Devils diner and headed on to The Devils Stair case and finished the Broken Arrow trail shortly after and continued on to Greasy Spoon, this trail at first seems kind of boring but eventually gets better with steep rocky descents and steep rocky uphill driving. Both trails were fairly easy with the only damage done to the trucks was brush rake or AZ pinstripe we ended the night with dinner at a local a local restaurant.

Sunday a couple of us decided to stay and run a trail or two, we drove the Oak Creek Homestead trail and Soldier Pass both were neat trails.

Thanks again to everyone who drove from Arkansas, California, Colorado and Nevada, it was great to finally get to meet you all.

Jose De Orta
Arizona Chapter President

Images Courtesy of Alec, Dave, Rod & Jose

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