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Return to the Mojave Road
New Year 2006

It was the first run with HXC for many Californians last year - and the place many new friendships were formed. So the idea of two days of wheeling - and spending New Year's Eve camping on The Road with family and friends - brought a huge turnout. Another great CA/NV joint run saw about 15 H2s, an FJ, an LR3, and another family Yota turnout for the adventure. From as far away as Colorado, San Diego, San Jose, Phoenix and Las Vegas, the families made it a memorable way to start the new year. Many spent much of the week before at Disneyland, and then most met for the dinner and tournament at Medieval Times before heading for Needles and the trailhead.

Day one covered about 70 miles of pristine, beautiful desert terrain and included a hike through the historical Piute Gorge for some hearty members. Tired and dusty, the long string of rigs made it to camp just as night was falling - to find Club President Rod Helm already in place with a roaring fire going! And the fire would stay stoked all night as the temp dropped well below freezing - making for an uncomfortable night in our impromptu tent city in the desert. Despite the cold that had many turning in before the New Year was rung in, everyone was up and ready for an early start on the first day of 2007!

Day two covered another 60 miles or so and was enormous fun for all. The Hummers found a great respect for the Toyotas, and vice-versa. All traversed the 130 miles of the rocky, sandy and memorable trail pretty much unscathed. And once again, new friendships and new Club Members were made.

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