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Hummer X Club, NV/CA Chapter
Rowher Flats/Last Chance Canyon
June 17-18, 2006, 2006

The Nevada Chapter headed south to meet their California friends again on 17/18 June for an exciting Saturday night run at Rowher Flats OHV area, and then an all day Sunday run up Last Chance Canyon. Most of the "usual suspects" were in attendance - and a few new folks as well.

There was much pre-event talk and concern about taking the "Alpha Hill" entrance into Rowher because of the difficulty (it got its name when an H1 Alpha rolled over coming down it). As it turned out, every vehicle which attempted the hill made it with ease! Those taking the easier bypass met up with the more daring souls and the group continued up the mountain as they were treated to a spectacular sunset over Bouquet Reservoir. But it was then - after the supposed difficult stretch - that disaster struck! Well, not a disaster, but for a crew that has had such good luck to date, some very bad luck. The right rear tire of one hapless H3 met one of the famous California razor sharp rocks, which opened up a gash several inches long in the sidewall. Adding to the difficulty was the position of the rig - on a steep and severley rutted hill.

How many Hummer drivers does it take to change a flat? In this instance, with the factory scissors jack crumpling (there is a recall), two HiLifts precariously balanced - and an H1 hooked up to the front of the H3 to help hold it in place, it took about eight of us nearly two hours! To add insult to injury, one H2 driver accidentally locked his keys in his rig while waiting for the caravan to get moving again and a window had to be smashed open to get back in! It was decided that the wheeling Gods were not with us that night and most of the crew headed off of the mountain and to bed, to rest up for Sunday's run. Only five rigs continued into the night and made it over the moutain with no further complications.

Sunday was a new day, and our usual good luck was with us once again as we took a nice wagon train of Hummers (and a hearty Jeep) up Last Chance Canyon to visit the Old Dutch Cleanser mines and the Burro Schmidt Tunnel. It was a great time with incredible wheeling (in a rough and tough, rocky canyon with temps in the triple digits!) and wonderful scenery. Rod suffered some minor carnage as he bravely went off of a bypass and through a boulder field in the canyon. One of the crossmembers on the "Moon Buggy" was bent and partially detached! But it didn't slow him down or affect the performance of his rig in any way and we all made it through safely.

Once again, this group proved that there's nothing in this world quite like the company of good friends on a good trail. And there is truth to the idea that there's a real malady known as "PostRun Depression." You get the Hummer home and washed and get a good night's sleep and you want to be right back out there - with fine friends in their awesome rigs on a beautiful and difficult trail!

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