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Area 51 Run
April 23, 2006

No doubt exhausted from their last two multi-day events, the NV/CA crew made April a one-day run - up close and personal with the infamous Area51! Again, there were a lot of the "usual suspects" and a few newcomers. In all, there were eight rigs - one H3, five H2s, a Jeep and a GMC Jimmy!

Heading out from the Santa Fe Hotel and Casino just north of Vegas, the group got off the pavement and onto the old Mormon Road for miles and miles of outstanding scenery. Being a typical desert dirt road, there were clouds of thick, choking dust and the CB's rang out with the call to set the recirculation button on the Hummers. It did little good for the open top Jeep driver, however, who had to dust himself off at every stop with his white teeth glistening in a big smile through the grime! Jeepers are a hearty, tough bunch!

Once close to Area51, the gang stopped for lunch at The Little Ale'Inn. The lunch menu is pretty complete. That's the menu. About all they actually serve are cheeseburgers. So, after a lunch of cheeseburgers for all, it was time to hit a huge dry lake bed which is adjacent to the top secret military installation.

The whole crew was amazed by the site of dead cows along the sides of the road by Area51. A little freaked out, and amazed. But the lake bed was a blast, replete with sand dunes that proved a little too much for an overzealous Bronco driver, and a muddy stream that forced one H2 to be winched out of the muck. Lessons learned - Broncos don't fly and the stock BFG ATs are not mud tires. No damage though, and everyone had a great time blasting over the dunes and speeding at 90mph across the expanse of the dry packed, sandy lake bed.

All in all, another excellent event from a very active Xclub chapter!

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