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Cline Ranch
April 22, 2006

Due to the interest in Fiesta, only four vehicles (2 H1's, 1 H3, 1 Jeeps) made it out to Cline Ranch in the Texas Hill Country.

We also had the property owner out in his "go anywhere" Samurai again to show us around.

Although it had rained earlier in the week, the rain held off for Saturday and the weather was great.

H2 gets some air

H3 using rocker protection
As soon as the Samurai got sideways on the first hill, we knew that it was going to be tough going.

The rain had made the trails real loose and traction was very hard to come by.

On the first obstacle we discovered that a stock H2, could just scrape through, but a lifted H2 with 38's could not. Some time was spent getting the lifted H2 back out of the obstacle.

The lifted H2 attempted a 400' hill climb, that would most probably have been better left alone due to the problems with traction.

After deciding it would be easier to winch the rest of the way up, than come down, a front CV joint blew and the complete half shaft was removed before winching the H2 back down the hill.

A big thanks to everyone that came out and helped with the various problems. Special thanks again to Dan for taking the time to show us around,.

Jeep flexing
Images Courtesy of Craig & Becky, William, Seth & Phil
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