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Cline Ranch
March 18, 2006

Thirteen vehicles (1 H1's, 3 H'2, 2 H3's, 5 Jeeps, 1 D90, & 1 pickup) made it out to Cline Ranch in the Texas Hill Country.

Dan the property owner was our trail guide for the day and did a great a job at showing us around this great property.

Although the weather forecast promised rain, and the rains clouds were in the sky, the rain held off all day

H1 gets some air

H3 going up...
As it was our first event out at Cline Ranch, we took it pretty easy and generally just got a feel for the property for our first event at the property.

The photographs make the terrain look very flat and easy going, which was not the case.

Although we were on the easier trails at the property, there were still many opportunities to get stuck, get sideways, or just having to back down.

The day ended at 4:00pm with no carnage or breakage, although the pickup did have a few more scratches than when it arrived.

There is great potential at Cline Ranch for some great wheelin' and we look forward to going back.

A big thanks to everyone that came out and helped the day run smoothly. Special thanks to Dan for taking the time to show us around, and thanks to Seth and Bill for their spotting work.

Yes, it was that steep!
Images Courtesy of Steve & Phil
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