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Hummer X Club at the Den
December 3, 2005

Fourteen vehicles (2 H1's, 4 H'2, 1 H3, 5 Jeeps & 2 pickups) made the rather slippy trek thropugh the Den.

We were also joined by some of the folks from Outback Offroad, San Antonio's premier off-road shop, and Hollie from South Carolina.

An early morning drizzle kept most of the fun rock work out of bounds, although it didn't really make the trail itself difficult.

H2 going down...

H1 going down...
Tim's Rock, The Launch Pad & some other rock areas were bypassed due to the slippy conditions. Several vehicles made it through the Rock Garden easily.

The mud pit area proved to be lots of fun and free of any incident.

Apart from the usual rock rash, several minor breakages occurred during the day; driveshaft (Jeep), UJ (Jeep), rear bumper & CV (H2), but the day kept on moving on.

A pre-run dinner was enjoyed at PJ Chang's, followed by a drink or two at the Westin La Cantera.

A big thanks to everyone that came out and helped the day run smoothly. Special thanks to Seth, Bill, Rod & Ric for their spotting work and keeping everyone safe.

Photographs were in short supply this event, but thanks to Steve and Hollie we ended up with a few.

Jeep gets some air
Images Courtesy of Steve & Hollie
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