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Hummer X Club "Summer Heat"
July 31, 2005

Twelve vehicles (5 H2's, 1 H3, 5 Jeeps, and a D90) braved the sweltering Texas heat for a great day of wheelin' and recovery practice!

We performed about ten recoveries during the day, ranging from simple snatches to multi winch pulls.

Due to the wet and muddy conditions, many of the rock obstacles could not be reached, let alone tackled.

H2 plays on some rocks

H3 goes for a swim
Tim's Rock was pretty much undoable and only one vehicle made it up with the aid of two winches.

The Waterfall was relatively easy and all vehicles that attempted it, made it up, although some did it easier than others...

An H2 and the D90 made it all the way through the Rock Garden easily, although the H2 did over heat.

The mud pits provided a great deal of fun, and also a good opportunity to practice recovery skills!

The D90 was unstoppable all day and the H3 performed very well and showed it's heritage.

A big thanks to everyone that put up with the heat, humidity and bugs. Special thanks to Bill and Seth for their work in keeping everyone moving and safe.

D90 tests side slope ability
Images Courtesy of Brandon, Randy, Steve & Phil
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