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Texas Hill Country 2005
March 2005

The Texas Hill Country 2005 was a Hummer Club event organized by Your Hummer Adventure. Several Hummer X Club members attended the Katemcy Rocks part of the event and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.

Despite been at one of the premier off-roading spots in Texas, we actually drove on easier trails and obstacles than at our local events. However, nothing could take the enjoyment away from some good wheeling at a great facility and some excellent company.

On Saturday morning, Brandon, James, Ric and Phil, joined the convey of over 70 H1's and H2's on the drive from Fredericksburg to Katemcy Rocks. Seth ran along most of the trails! and, as usual, did a great job taking pictures and video, as well as spotting and helping people.

In the morning we drove along with the Hummer Happening events. The trail was very mild, but enjoyable all the same and certainly fun for those folks that had never been off road before. After lunch, we all congregated on the Cotton Bails for a group photo.

After the group photo, Brandon, Ric and Phil headed off behind the Cotton Bails in search of more fun. Despite the rain, traction was still good on the rock. A samll trail clearly cut for nothing larger than a Jeep was eventually found. This proved to be a moderate trail with some testing moments. A certain disregard for brush scratches and minor bumps was required to travel this trail.

On Sunday Ric and Phil opted to go with the group going down the Waterfall. However, the group actually never went to the Waterfall, and sometime was spent regretting that we hadn't opted for the harder route of going up the Waterfall with the H1's.

Overall, a great time was had by all and credit goes to Sam Wallis with Your Hummer Adventure for organizing a great event. Keep an eye out for their future events.

Katemcy Rocks is a must drive location for those in Texas looking for some quality wheeling. The trails range from mild to wild, the facility is excellent and run by very experienced and friendly folks.

Click here for the Katemcy Rocks video
Courtesy of Seth Fox

Images Courtesy of Seth Fox
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