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Hummer X Club @ DEVIL'S DEN
December 30, 2004

Not an "official" event, but as Neil, the owner of H2O, was in town, a quick impromptu day of wheeling was put together at Devil's Den.

The rain had held off for a while and the Den was pretty dry, although there was a reasoanble amount of surface mositure still around.

The floods of the last few months have change the terrain considerably, many simple obstacles are now much more testing.

Grabbing some air

Going up...
The sound of rock and metal making contact was substantially more noticeably on this trip, and everyone drove away with some degree of scratches or dents to underbody protection or bumpers.

No serious damage was incurred, but it was a good opportunity for Neil to give his underbody protection and skid plate a work out.

Neil's products stood up to the test very well, and as side note are very well made and thought out.

The Den was remarkably empty, and apart from a few paint ballers, we were the only vehicles out.

A couple of new hills were tried out, along with the usual obstacles and the almost compulsory visit to Picture Rock.

Thanks to our trail guide Bill for his spotting duties and thanks to Seth for capturing the day in pictures and video.

Going down...

Click here for the Devil's Den video
Courtesy of Seth Fox

Images Courtesy of Seth & Phil
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