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Hummer X Club @ DEVIL'S DEN
November 20, 2004

The heavy rain had put in doubt any wheeling for this event, so attendance was low; two H2's, two Jeeps, and one Discovery we met on the trail.

A few us enjoyed dinner at Ruth's Chris the night before and Steve won a TrailDuty Recovery Kit, Bill walked away with a Synthetic Recovery Rope and a Spotter Rope.

Picture Rock

Jeeps can fly!
Remarkably no one got stuck, although there were some hairy moments with vehicles sliding side ways through the mud, often into deep water of unknown depth.

The pictures simply do not do the conditions credit, it was very wet, very muddy, and very slick.

All the usual obstacles were under water and unreachable and it was a feat just to traverse the trails.

We found an abandoned pickup that was well and truly stuck and the top of Picture Rock was unreachable by anything apart from a submersible. provided some door prizes of recovery gear, that was thankfully not needed on this occasion.

Thanks to Bill for leading the way through the water and thanks to everyone who showed up.

Most of the trails were underwater

Images Courtesy of Seth, Steve & Phil
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