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Hummer X Club @ DEVIL'S DEN
July 17, 2004

Ten vehicles, three Jeeps, one Toureg and six H2's, set off for a day of wheeling fun. Unfortunately, the trail had other ideas, and we had a broken valve stem and popped bead before we even reached the first obstacle. The popped bead was fixed on the trail, albeit with some extra mud inside the tire, and the valve stem was replaced at a local tire shop.

Despite the fact it was real hot in the Den and the going was slow, a good time was had by all.

Coming up Picture Rock

Strap-On Hill
No winches were needed, although the Toureg did need to be pulled out of some mud, mainly due to having street tires. The Toureg did remarkably well on the trail and showed that it is not just a vehicle for the street. Nick's stock Rubicon also faired very well, as did the Rod's TJ.

Ric came up the Water Fall backwards and made it look real easy, Phil came through the Rock Garden almost without stopping, and Don almost jumped up Picture Rock!

Each time the H2's tackle the Den, the obstacles get easier and the right lines become easier to pick. The bad tire day continued when Phil lost a chunk of a sidewall to a rock, but everyone enjoyed the trail and was happy to get out of the heat at the end of the day.

Thanks to Bill once again for his work spotting everyone, thanks to Seth for his trail running, photography and video work all day, and a big thanks to everyone who turned out to make the event a success.

The Rock Garden

Images Courtesy of Seth & Stacy
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