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Hummer X Club @ DEVIL'S DEN
April 30, 2004

Following a great dinner at Ruth's Chris on Thursday evening, five H2's headed out to Devil's Den on Friday to find much of it flooded out. The mud wasn't too bad, but there was a lot of deep standing water on many of the trails.

Randy, Anthony, and Gabe from Ken Batchelor Hummer joined us and went to town on getting their demo muddied up for the showroom.

Checking out the fording depth

In the Rock Garden
A winch was only needed three times, which considering the conditions was good going. All times were minor too, once for some unexpected rather deep mud, and twice to get back on line after sliding on some rocks.

Two H2's made it through different routes through the Rock Garden, and the more we do it, the easier lines we find.

James' 6" lifted H2 showed great articulation and the improved approach, departure and breakover angles made light work of many obstacles.

Stacy was joined by husband Eric, who we hope has a safe deployment to Germany.

Thanks to Seth for his spotting and trail running all day. Nothing was damaged and a good day was had by all.


Dsc03726.jpg Dsc03728.jpg Dsc03730.jpg Dsc03732.jpg Dsc03733.jpg Dsc03736.jpg
Dsc03738.jpg Dsc03744.jpg Dsc03747.jpg Dsc03748.jpg Dsc03750.jpg Dsc03751.jpg
Dsc03752.jpg Dsc03754.jpg Dsc03756.jpg Dsc03757.jpg Dsc03760.jpg Dsc03761.jpg
Dsc03764.jpg Dsc03765.jpg Dscn0071.jpg Dscn0074.jpg Dscn0081.jpg Dscn0083.jpg
Dscn0187.jpg Dscn0188.jpg Dscn5356.jpg Dscn5360.jpg Dscn5365.jpg Dscn5375.jpg
Dscn5381.jpg Dscn5385.jpg Dscn5387.jpg Dscn5390.jpg Dscn5391.jpg Dscn5396.jpg
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