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Hummer X Club @ DEVIL'S DEN
March 12, 2004

Thursday brought some great weather and a great dinner at Francesca's at the Westin La Cantera. A big thanks to Ken Batchelor Hummer for the souffles, which were excellent, and the "goodie" bags they handed out on Friday morning.

Unfortunately, Thursday's great weather soon disappeared and Friday started somewhat wetter. Despite the pouring rain, three H2's and a Jeep made out it to Devil's Den. Due to the rain, running Leon Creek was postponed, and it was decided to see how we fiared at the muddy and wet Den.

Joyce makes light work of the mud

Bill throws some mud around
The mud was thick in places, wet in others, and very deep in some spots. The mixture of tires showed their various strengths and weaknesses.

The most notable points were that while the stock BFG AT's didn't excel in the mud they were far better than would be expected of an AT design, however they did very well on wet and muddy rock surfaces, something the ProComp Xterrains did very poorly on. The Xterrains did well in mud, but as slipped an awful lot on rock when they were wet and covered in mud.

Winches were used quite often by those that had them. Strangely enough, Joyce without a winch, never even came close to needing one!

Phil made it through the first part of the Rock Garden, although a winch was needed at times. The mud and wet conditions made going slow for a vehicle as heavy as the H2, but it if an H2 can make it through in wet and muddy conditions, then one certainly can in more favorable dry conditions.

As always, a big thank you goes to Trail Boss Bill.

Phil in the Rock Garden

Pictures Courtesy of Joyce & Seth Fox and Phil Day

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