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Hummer X Club @ DEVIL'S DEN
February 20/21, 2004

A great turn out for our third Devil's Den event. We had a total of fifteen vehicles turn out for some great weather and some great wheeling.

Joining the six H2's and one H1 were several heavily modified Jeeps, some Discoverys, a Land Cruiser, a Bronco and Series II Land Rover. Thanks to John and Larry for bringing out their Jeeps and showing us what they could do.

Every one enjoyed themselves and damage was minimal, the Bronco broke a U-joint, John H. rubbed the corner of his H2's bumper along a rock, and Phil scraped the front bumper when climbing a rock.

Ric hits the mud

Kenny gets some air
Best photo opportunity goes to Kenny in his white Discovery, which required two people to stop it rolling over!

Most impressive climb goes to John in his Jeep, which just made everything look easy. Although Bill went over obstacles so fast in his Jeep, that it was real difficult to get any pictures of him.

Our new H2's, Stacy and John & Drew did real well and tackled everything eagerly. Kudos goes to Joel in his Land Cruiser who tried everything, even with his locker out of action.

Ric and Joyce played in the mud as usual, but were surprisingly joined by "Mr Clean" himself, John, in his H1. Overall, the H1's ground clearance really makes a big difference on some obstacles and allows it go places that the H2 can't.

Different tires on the H2's showed their strengths and weaknesses, with the overall best performer going to Ric's 37" SSR's. The 35" Xterrains grip extremely well on rock when aired down, but slip around a lot when not. The loss of ground clearance when aired down also showed up as a weak point of the 35's. The SSR's did very well for not been aired down.

John puts his Jeep to work

John flexes his H2
Picture Rock demostrated the need for a front locker, which would have helped quite a few people make it up much easier.

Thanks to everyone who attended who made this a really enjoyable event. Thanks to Ric and Melissa for lunch on Friday. Dinner at Ruth's Chris was great and we all look forward to doing it again soon.

A special thanks goes to Bill for his work again as trail guide, spotter, and overall good guy.

Video Courtesy of Seth Fox
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Pictures Courtesy of John Allison

Pictures Courtesy of Phil Day


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