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Hummer X Club @ DEVIL'S DEN
December 12, 2003

The day started at 8.00am at the Ingram Mall Parking lot as usual, with the application of mag shields on a couple of trucks, something that becomes more difficult more in tha rain. We hit the trail at 9.30am with four H2's, two Discovery's, a H1, and a Jeep, another H2 joined us after lunch.

Bill had kindly volunteered to be our trail guide again, and a big thanks goes to Bill for his selfless work in making sure we knew where to go and guiding everyone over the obstacles and making sure all the pretty H2's didn't get any scratches!

John gets some air

Joyce coming down Picture Rock
Bill's Jeep led the way and tackled everything in sight, as usual. John's H1 was amazingly agile over some pretty tough terrain. The higher ground clearance of the H1 sets it apart from the H2 when the going gets tough. Although Fearless Brandon in his H2 tackled pretty much everything and while the H2 made it up most things, it lacked the grace and ease of the H1.

Our intrepid camera men Seth and Lance were around every corner and over every hill with multiple cameras in action, and captured the day for posterity.

Despite the rain, the ground was really dry and presented no problem. The rocks on the other hand were a little slick and required some more nimble footwork to get across.

No driving in the mud for Joyce, so she left with her license tag this time. Phil, having aired down his 35's and not having air suspension found clearance to be problem and couldn't get over a few obstacles that others could, but he did make it up his Nemesis at Picture Rock.

Bill tackling the Rock Garden

Phil coming up Picture Rock
A good time was had by all and there was no damage to any vehicles apart from John scraped his Rocker covers while sliding down some big rocks and Phil's underbody protection cage got bent up again.

A big thanks goes to Bill for his work as trail guide, and Seth and Joyce for putting everything together and the cool Hummer X Club ammo cans.

Click here for the Devil's Den video
Courtesy of Seth Fox

Pictures Courtesy of Seth and Phil

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