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Hummer X Club @ DEVIL'S DEN
August 12, 2003

The day started at 1.00pm at the Ingram Park Mall parking lot where three H2's, a Samurai and a few Jeeps met, ready for some off road fun. Ric (Hum2) from Omaha was in town and declined to take his rental PT Cruiser off road, John (JSA_3) vowed not to get any dirt on his white H2, while Joyce & Seth (jnsfox) were keen to get to the mud.

Bill (AlamoJim) had kindly volunteered to be our trail guide, and a big thanks goes to Bill for his selfless work in making sure we knew where to go and guiding everyone over the obstacles. Without Bill's efforts we would have surely got lost, got stuck, or more than likely both.

Rock climbing at Picture Rock

Joyce taking to the mud!
The H2's tackled most obstacles without problem, although the heavy weight of the H2 showed itself in the slippy areas, but with good lines and a light right foot, the H2 did okay. John in the Samurai was shooting around everywhere and was on his side within the first five minutes, but quickly drove it back on to all four again.

Seth was around every corner and over every hill with multiple cameras in action, and captured the day excellently. Seth went above and beyond and provided everyone a CD copy of the pictures at dinner.

I high centered trying to get over a few obstacles that the H2 climbed easily enough, but the long wheel base and relatively low ground clearance prevented further progress, and left plenty of Ziebart protection over the ground.

John's 37" MT/R's not only helped John keep his truck clean, but they also made easy work of most obstacles. My 35" Xterrains gripped well, but lacked the extra clearance of the 37's. The stock BFG's became racing slicks as soon as they plugged up with mud, but still did pretty well.

Bill tackling a mud hole

Picture Rock
Thankfully, no damage to any vehicles, a few brush marks here and there, and my rear hitch step shattered when I dropped over a rock shelf. John managed to keep his promise and kept his truck almost perfectly clean. Joyce was not satisfied with getting her truck muddy, and insisted on wading in thigh high mud looking for a lost license tag!

The day was finished off with a great dinner at Ruth's Chris with more fellow H2 owners. A big thanks goes to Bill as the trail guide and Seth as the camera man.

Click here for the Devil's Den video
Courtesy of Seth Fox

Pictures Courtesy of Seth, Ric and Phil

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